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Our Mission - Provide Premier Blockchain Support: The Invisible Technology That's Changing the World

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Xonic Systems Technology (XS) is a Blockchain technology solution provider for the Drone and Fintech Industries. XS  holds 13 provisional patents in Blockchain technology and 3 provisional patents in Drone Technology. 

The XS integrated approach to Blockchain support, usefulness and development ensures the ability to thrive in this Next Gen era and not just survive. We are using XS proprietary technologies to build a radically better data security, financial, transportation and global commerce market place. 

Xonic Systems | Silicon Beach Ingenuity, Enterprise Maturity

The Future of Blockchain services


As a NEW IT Authority, Xonic Systems Technology is growing to become a premier provider of Innovative Blockchain solutions in Node Distribution, Cryptocurrency Mining, Geo-Location, Data Security and Aeronautic Drone Technologies. XS integrates proprietary Blockchain solutions to provide transformative options for governmental, enterprise and small business clients.

Xonic Systems Holds 13 provisional Blockchain Technology patents

· Global Public Blockchain 

· BlockNet

· LifeCare

· Big Data Blocks

· CryptoLink

· CloudChain Services

· XS Wallet

· Xonic Exchange

· Blockchain Wireless Protocol 

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Blockchain Infrastructure Solutions

· Data Aggregation

· Node Distribution

· Data Security

· Blockchain Architecture

· Blockchain System Support

· Drone Software Development

· Blockchain Mining 

· System Networking

The Future of mobility


Xonic Systems Technology has taken Drone Mobility and App Development to a new horizon. Blockchain technology combined with passion and expertise has allowed XS Mobility to revolutionize how Drone networking and mobile app are developed, deployed and managed. We solve real-world problems in real time.

Xonic Systems Technology DPS is a platform connecting a network of Drone parcel service participants.
XS Drone Parcel Service has developed a platform utilizing Hyperledger Fabric to provide transparency and logical management related to supply chain process management for drone parcel service participants.

This is provided utilizing our patented UAS Technology and the XS Next Gen approach to package delivery.

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XS Blockchain Mobility Solutions

· Android | iOS Mobile Architecture

· Blockchain Mobile Engagement 

· Native App Development

· Blockchain Geo-location 

· Mobile Product Strategy

· 3-D | Augmented Reality


Blockchain Mobility Support

· Ethereum

· Hyperledger

· Fabric



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XS General Support

·Database Design


·Android | IOS Development


·UI/UX Design


·Web 3.0

leading the way


XS is the Fintech and Drone Development Future

Xonic Systems Is More Than Just Another Blockhain Tech Firm


XS Provides Actionable Analytics

XS makes Everything On-Demand

XS is the blockchain Future

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Empowering Technology Through People

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