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Xonic Systems | Silicon Beach Ingenuity, Enterprise Maturity

Xonic Systems LLC is a Blockchain Technology Consulting Firm, headquartered in West Hollywood, California, that holds 11 provisional patents in Blockchain Technology and 3 provisional patent in Drone Safety technology. We offer a variety of services from Cryptocurrency Mining and Node Distribution Management to Mobile, Drone and Financial Data Security Development. Our integrated approach to Blockchain support ensures organizations the ability to Thrive in the Web 3.0 era and not just Survive. We are using new technologies to build a radically better financial system, transportation and global commerce market. 

Our creative geniuses have been supporting the pioneering of cutting edge Blockchain solutions for customers and partners in the following areas:

  • Data Mobility
  • Data Mining
  • Data Security
  • Web 3.0
  • Mobile App Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Subscription Video on Demand
  • Cloud and Proxy IT Support
  • Drone Software Development
  • Blockchain Support
  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Cloud Mining 
  • Augmented Reality | AI

Xonic systems solve real-world problems in real time.

Our Mission - Provide Premier Blockchain Support: The Invisible Technology That's Changing the World

Empowering Technology Through People

Infrastructure Support


As a Mobility and IT Authority, Xonic Systems is growing in the world to become a premier provider of Innovative Blockchain solutions in Node distribution, Cryptocurrency mining, Geo-location,Data security, and Aeronautic drone technologies. We integrate Blockchain products and support to provide a variety of trans-formative options for both enterprise clients and smaller organizations.

Xonic Systems Holds 11 provisional Blockchain Technology patents

· Global Public Blockchain 

· BlockNet

· LifeCare

· Big Data Blocks

· CryptoLink

· CloudChain Services

· XS Wallet

· Xonic Exchange

· Blockchain Wireless Protocol 



Blockchain Infrastructure Solutions

· Data Aggregation

· Node Distribution

· Data Security

· Blockchain Architecture

· Blockchain System Support

· Drone Software Development

· Blockchain Mining 

· System Networking

mobility Support


Xonic Systems is taking Mobility and App Development to a new horizon. Blockchain technology combined with passion and experiences has allowed XS Mobility to revolutionize how mobile apps are developed, deployed and managed. We solve real-world problems in real time.

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XS Blockchain Mobility Solutions

· Android | iOS Mobile Architecture

· Blockchain Mobile Engagement 

· Native App Development

· Blockchain Geo-location 

· Mobile Product Strategy

· 3-D | Augmented Reality


Blockchain Mobility Support

· Ethereum

· Hyperledger

· Multichain

· Stellar

· Eris:db

· Corda

· Credits

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XS General Support

·Database Design


·Android | IOS Development


·UI/UX Design


·Web 3.0

leading the way

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Xonic Systems Is More Than Just Another Tech Firm


XS Provides Actionable Analytics

XS Blockchain Contract Staffing: High-caliber teams or individual IT professionals for temporary support.

Managed Blockchain Services: Managed teams to define and mature system workflows, develop centrally manage Blockchain aggregatios, optimize resource utilization and deliver measurable outcomes.

Project-based Services: Management of discrete Blockchain projects and programs.

XS Mining Facility Services: Support and Deploy up to 1M Nodes 

XS Everything On-Demand

Experience Integration

From Data center and Mining infrastructure management to Mobile development and Financial data security, our integrated approach to Blockchain support ensures your organization has the ability to thrive.

XS Secures Your Evolution

Explore a variety of Blockchain technologies and lead the development of leading edge crypto systems. Apply Blockchain technology for different verticals and use cases to build niche platforms and solutions. Now you can apply the industry’s most forward-thinking solutions from Xonic Systems to revitalize your cyber security program, and operate from a platform that enables you to take the risks you need to profit and grow.

Leadership Team


Empowering Technology Through People

Robert L Varner II

Co-FOUNDER | Managing Partner

As Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Robert sits at the helm of the market leading blockchain and bitcoin mining services firm as one of the most highly respected influencers in the blockchain industry today. He is responsible for the company’s broadening footprint in the USA and UK, unprecedented growth, and increasing recognition.

As the firm’s steward, Robert utilizes his extensive knowledge to position the firm to evolve and grow its offering of innovative blockchain, aeronautic and bitcoin mining solutions through a delivery methodology that provides consistent, cost effective solutions for its clients through planning, design, procurement, installation and support.

Gene Peltier

Co-FOUNDER | Director of IT Infrastructure and networking

With over 25 years in Lead architecture design, development, implementation, and support for multiple enterprise platforms and solutions. Gene Peltier brings a wealth of experience as an SME with detailed knowledge in design, implementation, configuration, and monitoring of high-end networks and servers. With a keen eye for detail, Gene helps take ideas from concept to creation. By working hands on with both the XS designers and developers, to ensure a culture where both creativity and functionality can thrive.

Victory Turpin

Co-FOUNDER | Director of Mobility and app development

Victory is an Expert Android Developer and Co-founder of Xonic Systems LLC. Victory leads the Mobile Development practice at Xonic Systems. A mobile sharp shooter, Victory has brought development and consulting to a range of fortune 500 companies.

Mike Neumann

Director of Research and Development


IKE Nnoli

Director of Product Strategy


Adam Neumann

Director of IT Security and Blockchain Privacy

David Ross

Director of Business Development

Nea simone

Director of Marketing


Byron English

Director of Drone Development

Brylon barnes

XS Development Manager


Development Team

XS Development and Blockchain Support Team

Empowering Technology Through People

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