Artificial Intelligence

What could your company achieve if every interaction with technology were intelligent?


What is AI?

AI is a constellation of technologies—from machine learning to natural language and psychometric processing—that allows machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn.

The promise of AI

AI is evolving from a hot new trend to a seamless enabler of business transformation. The end result? Real and sustainable benefits.

XS Tech Vision 2019: The AI Outlook

By raising AI for responsibility, fairness, and transparency, businesses can create a collaborative, powerful new member of the workforce.

What's your AIQ?

Leading businesses are using AI to transform their core. What are they doing that's different?

The momentum mindset

Companies recognize AI's strategic importance and its impact on their business, yet many are stalled in making it a key enabler for their strategy.

AI is evolving from a hot new trend to a seamless enabler of business transformation. The end result? Real and sustainable benefits…

Machine learning


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An AI technology that enables systems to learn without being programmed. Machine learning is pushing the innovation boundaries across all industries and striving for trust in financial services.

What will it take for one of the most data-rich industries to embrace machine learning? XS might know!

Walking the AI talk

Our research shows that healthcare companies are leading in machine learning adoption. What do they know that other companies don’t?

Pioneering quantum computing in R&D

Our collaboration with Initiate Growth makes sci-fi talk real by applying quantum computing, psychometrics and machine learning to fuel discovery. The latest AI technologies are solving real-world challenges, from improving travel safety to fueling growth in healthcare.

  1. How will AI add value in capital markets?

  2. The four steps that firms can take now to lay the groundwork for AI.

  3. Healthcare's new engine for growth.

  4. AI is poised to become the industry's new nervous system. Here are the applications with the highest ROI.

  5. A million markets of one.

  6. Can you create a hyper-personalized customer experience for millions of people? Our machine learning application for a leading insurance provider proves it’s possible.

  7. Where to next?


Intelligent Automation

Many companies and their employees are reaping the benefits of intelligent automation (IA), a technology that processes large amounts of information to let people do higher-value work.

Scaling content at speed

Platform companies need intelligent tools to process the billions of content pieces created each day. Our guide lays out a roadmap to automation.

Merchandising of the future

When it comes to meeting consumer needs, retail is undergoing a major makeover – and merchandising is at the center of it all.

Making IA part of the story

Featured Company: One of California’s oldest film studios, Fox, gets a little help from an intelligent assistant to boost its reporting.The future of AI promises a new era of disruption and productivity, where human ingenuity is enhanced by speed and precision.

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